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Sniper Vs Sniper: online, the next generation of Homerun Battle 3D

Sniper Vs Sniper: Online, from the makers of Homerun Battle 3D, has been submitted their game to Apple‟s App Store on Monday (Sept 21st). Com2uS who boasts to be the best publisher for online games on the iPhone/iPod Touch is scoping out to be the next big online game.

Com2uS has optimized their hit game, Homerun Battle 3D, to deliver their second visually stunning online game. To fully understand Com2uS‟ methods, let‟s break down what makes their new sniper game so addicting:

Game play

Where Homerun Battle 3D generates riveting competition between a live opponent to hit home runs, Sniper Vs Sniper tests the players ability to calmly aim and shoot at the opponent. As opposed to Homerun Battle 3D, mere milliseconds in Sniper Vs Sniper can be the difference between an extra medal on your plaque and a headshot from your opponent. This difference in game play makes the game much more interactive while utilizing the player‟s ability to stay cool under pressure.

“Imagine the thrill you get when you‟ve finally found your opponent, just to find out your opponent had you in his scope the whole time.” says Joony Koo, team leader of global business team at Com2uS.

It really keeps you at the edge of your seat.

However, it‟s not just about having your opponent shake their iPhone in frustration. Sniper Vs Sniper also contains an online ally mode where you team up with a friend to take down AI terrorist groups.

“If two terrorists are standing side by side, killing one of them will alert the other terrorists nearby. But if you ally with another live sniper and shoot both terrorists at the same time, then the enemies won‟t have a chance to fight back emphasizing an extreme importance to teamwork” says Koo.

Peer to Peer

Another long awaited update from their former online game is the new in-game chat feature. Players from around the world can chat with each in chat rooms before and after each game. This feature adds a whole new world to trash-talking that never existed before.

In addition, players can send pre-recorded voice messages to each other such as: “I‟ll take the left, you take the right” during the ally mode or threat opponents with messages like “What do you want on your tomb stone”.

And parents need not worry of profanity because Com2uS has embedded a filtering system into their chatting system.

Last but not least, Sniper Vs Sniper has added online ranking which uses a military hierarchy system depending on your scores. Unlike Homerun Battle 3D, now a mere number doesn‟t define your greatness instead you are awarded metals to show off your trigger happy skills.

Network experience

The huge success of Homerun Battle 3D has caused some minor server issues with „weak connection‟ pop-ups. With an average of over 600 users logged in simultaneously, data packets would on occasion miss their destination.

Com2uS has remedied this problem in Sniper Vs Sniper with an independent server in the U.S., where approximately 70% of the players are based. Although this may seem like an advantage for only U.S. players, all players on the western hemisphere will experience less latency and a more responsive game play.

With a high expectation of simultaneous users, Sniper Vs Sniper‟s chatting feature has integrated 99 channels to avoid overcrowding of chat rooms.

To further let players know who‟s boss, Sniper Vs Sniper has added a Twitter and Facebook feature within the application.

Game without the network feature

With all the great online features, Sniper Vs Sniper is not restricted to only online use. In Single Player Mode, the game contains 6 stages for story mode, 6 stages for campaign mode, and 30 unique missions for special mission mode. And to reward the player‟s diligence to complete the special missions, the player is awarded upgraded equipment which can then be used in the online mode.

Com2uS is still working on Homerun Battle 3D as it will add in-app items in the coming update.

Sniper Vs Sniper: Online will be the game that gives Com2uS the right recognition as a publisher with an expertise in network/online gaming.

About Com2uS

Com2uS Corporation (KOSDAQ 078340) established in July 1998, became the first and leading mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Since then, Com2uS has developed a reputation for creating innovative and entertaining games and applications around the world, which are available in over 40 countries in Asia, Europe and North America.
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