Monster Hunter 3 at BicCamera Japan

News Deals Capcom Wii

I made my way over to Bic-Camera tonight in Osaka Japan and saw some really cool stuff.  But one thing that Caught my eye was MONSTER HUNTER 3 by Capcom on the Nintendo Wii.

We all know how much everyone loves Monster Hunter 3 especially in Japan.  It’s so popular and cool that it has its own walk this way advertisement on the ground to point people in the right direction to buy the game .. It had me hooked.  Check these pics out :

Once I followed the little path .. I made my way over to the game and bought myself a copy 🙂

It’s in Japanese, I wont be playing this version as I cant read Japanese, but its for my Capcom Collection and its at a great price too.  Anyone living in Japan, make your way over to Bic Camera and get yourself Monster Hunter 3 at a bargain price 🙂

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