TomTom Navigation released for the Iphone 3G & 3Gs


TomTom Navigation released for the iPhone 3G & 3Gs for the following countries :

Click on links below to be taken straight into iTunes to download TomTom

TomTom Australia : $99.99 (AUD)

TomTom New Zealand : $114.99 (AUD)

TomTom U.S & Canada : $119.99 (AUD)

TomTom Western Europe : $169.99 (AUD)

For iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS

Turn-by-turn car navigation for iPhone is here.

Everywhere you go, you can have the most advanced TomTom navigation technology to lead the way. The TomTom app puts award-winning technology at your fingertips, like IQ RoutesTM which gives you the smartest, most efficient route any time of day.

Tap and go – Using iPhone’s innovative technology, the TomTom app lets you tap your way from A to B – putting you in touch with all the best routes. Scroll through the menu, or pinch to zoom in and out on a map using the iPhone’s multi-touch display.

Go your own way – Why follow the rest? See your route, your way. Simply rotate from portrait to landscape to get an easier view of the road ahead.

Meet up with friends – Find an entry in your iPhone contacts list, and the TomTom app will find the way there. It’s that simple.

Find a place to eat – Thinking of stopping for lunch on the way? Choose a restaurant, call to reserve your table, then find your way there – the TomTom app does it all.

The smartest routes – Is the shortest route really the fastest? TomTom IQ RoutesTM will always calculate the smartest, most efficient route – saving you time, fuel and money. Only IQ RoutesTM uses the driving experiences of millions of drivers to work out your route based on actual road speed data.

Safety Cameras and Speed Warnings – Stay safe and avoid fines. Safety camera coming up? Going too fast? You’ll know straight away, with advanced audio and visual warnings. You can even see how your speed compares with the limit at a single glance. (for information on availability in your country, go to

The world at your fingertips – Always be prepared for what’s around the corner. The TomTom app comes with an up-to-date, detailed map – and you can add worldwide locations to suit you.

You can also make the most of your navigation experience with the TomTom car kit for iPhone. Check it out on

Map coverage statistics:

Detailed map seamlessly covers Australia with IQ RoutesTM data for faster routing.

Countries fully covered (99.9%): Australia.

Category: Navigation
Developer: TomTom International BV
Version: 1.0
Size: 157 MB

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