Super Game Deals For Xbox 360 & PS3 & DS

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There are some super game deals and collector editions coming up in the next few months.

Ebgames (as its known in Australia) and Gamestop have the following blockbusters coming out very very soon.

All deals and RRP below are from EbGames Australia. Check your local Gamestop for similar deals and Collectors Editions.

Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 : Hardened Edition – Xbox 360 & PS3 (10/11/2009) – RRP $129.99

Modern Warfare Prestige Edition is now completly SOLD OUT in Australia. If your one of the lucky ones to have pre-ordered it you will get the Hardened Edition included. This below is just the Hardened Edition.

Halo ODST – Xbox 360 (22/09/2009) – RRP $99.95

With this package you will received a Free SGT Johnson unlock code and be able to take part in the HALO REACH Beta !!

Second Deal : You get Halo ODST plus a limited edition Halo ODST Controller : $149.95

Fifa 10 – Xbox 360 & PS3 (Oct 2009) – RRP $109.95

Purchase Fifa and receive $25 off your next EA sports game. Also available to Australian customers while stocks last at EB Games. Pre-order Fifa10 and receive a free Mini Soccer Ball !!!

Scribblenauts – DS (16/09/2009) – RRP $59.95

Possibly one of the most original and most creative game ever made : Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS. Pre-order and receive an exclusive ROOSTER HAT !!

Assassins Creed II Black Edition – Xbox 360 & PS3 (19/11/2009) – RRP $149.95

Assassins Creed II Black features a huge collection of extras. Click on the link above to see everything on offer.

Batman Arkham Asylum – Collectors Edition – XBOX 360 (03/09/2009) – RRP $149.95

One of the most anticipated games of 2009 : Batman Arkham Asylum will be hitting stores in a few short weeks. Be sure to pre-order the collectors edition as its also jam packed with Batman goodness.

As explained above all deals are from EBGames Australia. Prices may vary depending on country along with deals and collector editions.

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