Street Fighter IV – Udon Comics Issue 3 Now Available

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Issue 3 of Capcom’s Street Fighter IV by Udon Comics is out.

This issue has Crimson Viper on a mission to retrieve Sakura Kasugano from Japan and her returned to the secret S.I.N base for further testing on The Satsu No Hadou. In all the action Mr 15 also spots Dan Hibiki and both are kidnapped and taken back to the secret lab for testing.

On his own mission for answers Abel was able to place a tracking device on the helicopter that was carying Sakura and Dan to the secret S.I.N hideout and so makes his way to the complex.

Upon arival Abel is greeted by his fellow human incubator clone Mr 15. Mr 15 gives Abel a brief history of who he is and is very amazed on how he gained the freedom of individuality and free will.

As always in true Street Fighter fasion the battle begins between Mr 15 and Abel. But this is also when this issues chapter ends.

Stay tuned for next issue : Issue 4 Clash Of The Titans !

Grab your copy of issue 3 at your local comic store now.

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