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Betrayed and left to die, Stinger, Clandestine, and Bouncer narrowly escape death at the hands of a maniacal traitor. Driven by revenge, and armed with cybernetic enhancements, the Spyborgs must stop their renegade ex-teammate before he fulfils his quest for ultimate power.

Spyborgs is a two player co-operative action brawler exclusive to the Nintendo Wii created by Capcom.

Choose from three Spyborgs :


Stinger : A natural team leader and veteran solider with a no nonsense attitude and a hunger for combat. Stinger is equipped with a cybernetic arm which comprise of a missile launcher, chain gun and energy-based sticky bombs

Clandestine : A Ninja with exceptional martial art skills due to her cybernetic implants. Cladestine is as sharp as her Katana blade in combat and is always ready for the next battle.

Bouncer : A combat machine outfitted with the latest in robotic technology, using his massive mechanical fists to his advantage Bouncer is loyal addition to the Spyborgs team and will rush to their aid if they are ever in trouble.

And Slice, Punch and Blast your way through hordes of enemy robots. With the aid of the Nintendo Wii-remote and nunchuk you can perform devastating and spectacular finishing moves.

Enemies are pure evil with bosses filling the screen with their size.

Spyborgs is a pick up and easy to play action style two player co-op game with amazing combos, stunning graphics with full screen cinematic boss battles. Sypborgs also includes an achievement system which rewards players with titles and unlockable bonus content and new challenges.

Capcom has also released an animated episode (only one episode so far) of Spyborgs. Available to watch only on the official website. First episode is an introduction to the three main characters in the game and is a great idea. More game developers should use this concept to give players and fans further insight into the game and its story. Also coming soon Capcom will be releasing a Spyborgs digital comic as well. It seems that Capcom have all their bases covered with Spyborgs.

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