Games Com – Cologne 2009 – FULL REPORT

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Games Com Colonge Germany 2009 was a very successful event.  As we are all aware it was previously hosted at Leipzig Germany by a different organization.  This year was the first outing for Games Com and I must say it was a great success.  Thousands of people passed through its doors and many happy gamers played and got to see what will be released in the comming months.

Yesterday I covered Capcom’s presence at Games Com today I will go through the remaining software developers and games that were at the festival.

Enjoy the photos 🙂

First cab off the rank we have HALO – ODST :

ODST in Action

Blizzard made an appearance as well with one of the most anticipated titles : DIABLO III

Diablo III : Check out the official website :


The new World of Warcraft: Cataclysm was also announced at Games Com this is going to be huge : Check out the official website :

Another popular release is Rock Band Beattles,  due out on the 9th of September.

Check out the offical website here :


Activision’s DJ Hero hit the stage as well with some in-game game play.  Want to know more check out the DJ Hero’s official Website :

Next up we have : Battlefield Bad Company 2 from EA.  Looks like some of the troop left a carton of fruit juice and a magazine hanging about 😉

Check out the official Bad Company 2 webiste below :


And who do we have here ???? Any takes ?? 😉

On sale right now is the Gears Of War Novel : Aspho Fields

Available at all good book stores.  Grab your copy now.

2K Games were also here with Mafia II and Boarderlands.  Mafia II is shaping up to be quite a unique and original game. 

Check it out at :

Borderlands official webiste at :

 One for the Lego fans : Lego Rock Band.  Looks very cool

Bandai Namco also were here with a few great looking releases.  One of them is the highly anticipated TEKKEN 6

Another title to keep an eye out for is : Dragon Ball Raging Blast

Check out both titles here.

Tekken 6 Official Website :

Dragon Ball Raging Blast :

Tekken 6

 The Nintendo Booth looked very impressive.

Ubisoft Stand

 And the big contender for Game Of The Year : Modern Warfare 2 from Infinity Ward

Check out the official website :

Another game thats looking great is James Cameron’s Avatar

Check out the official website and the ingame footage here :

 Apple Iphone games booth

Konami Booth : lots of cool games to play.

Sacred 2 : Risen

NeonRED Group

Tony Hawk Ride is looking very impressing with its revolutionary skateboard is due for a release date of 17th November 2009

Check out the official Website :

The Sony booth had a large number of interesting things.  The biggest of them is God Of War 3.

Check out the God Of War 3 Website and trailer here :

God Of War III


Playstation @ home network.  This is very cool and is constantly being updated wit the latest games for your avatar to visit.

Check out the official @ Home network :

This ends our journey at GamesCom Colonge 2009.   We look forward to coming back next year.

If you attended Gamescom let us know what you enjoyed the most, even if you didnt attend, let us know what games your looking forward to play.  All comments are welcome.


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