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Football U (1.0.1)     4.0 stars

Released: Jun 26, 2009

Publisher: Longtail Studios

Homepage: http://longtailstudios…

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Welcome to Football U, the most immersive and irreverent 3D football game, designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

YOU are the star QB. Run your offense, pick your plays, target your receivers, and make the perfect pass. Nail completions and score touchdowns.

Each week of the season, a new and more screwed-up teammate gets in your way. Superstition, lady problems, blackmail… the only way to turn this maddening bunch of misfits into champs is to solve their problems for them.

Great football gameplay in the tradition of our favorite sports comedies. Story by the writing team behind the acclaimed TNA Wresting Game for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Football U. Get with the program.

Grab this fantastic game from Longtail Studios while its free.

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