Combat Zomie Breath ? Take These !! Umbrella Corporation Public Announcement – GIVE AWAY COMPETITION !!

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About a month ago Umbrella announced its Outbreak Mints.  A lot of Zombies went out and purchased them thinking it would make them fit in with the regular crowd .. pitty it didnt work out.. now that that the zombies have given up on them.  Capsule Computers have been able to source a few packets to give a way to some of it’s fine citizens.

To win a pack of these fine minty fresh mints .. its as easy as A-B-C

A – Follow Capsule Computers on Twitter

B – Leave a comment on this blog  :

     Telling us in 25 words or less What is your favourite Resident Evil Game and Why

 C – Brush your teeth and use mouthwash every day to combat Zombie breath 😉

Have a look at the Zombie Mints below and enjoy the article.

Ever woken up with  Zombie breath ? do you feel like your always scaring the opposite sex away as soon as you open your mouth ?  Does the family dog do the runner out of the house and hide under it as soon as you come anywhere near it ?

Well worry no more.  Here at Umbrella Corporation our mission is to help you blend in .. even though you might look a little pale and your skin might be rotten and falling off.  You’re dragging that left foot around .. and you’re constantly wanting brains for dinner. 

We might not be able to solve all your problems.  But we can help you keep that mouth of yours smelling as fresh as a daisy. 

Introducing the Umbrella Outbreak Mints.  Take one of these and your zombie breath worries will go away for the whole day.  People will still run away screaming in fear, but at least you know that deep down your breath will always be smelling minty fresh.

Try some today and don’t delay.

This is an Unbrella Corporation public announcement

No Humans were eaten by Zombies with fresh minty breath in the making of this announcement …..   Yet

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  1. ‘Resident Evil – Director’s Cut’. It has limited ammo, awkward controls, and PS1 graphics but you’re on the edge of your seat playing through! Awesome!

  2. My favorite Resident Evil game is REmake because it’s the same great story with all the horror intact,but with fresh new puzzles.

  3. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis because Nemesis is AWESOME TO THE MAX!

  4. RE1 GC (Remake)-

    Because it’s the pinnacle of survival horror, that’s why. Beautiful graphics, expanded settings/storyline, survival horror at its best…just perfect.

  5. RE-make for the love of making those stinky breath zombies eat a shotgun shell for the insult.

  6. This is the best game ever and I love it, even better than Barbie horses game, though I did get bad breath playing it, this is why I need the mints or whatever they are.

  7. Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. Those controls are simply perfect for this type of game.

  8. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis it was way ahead of its time. Awesome

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