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Com2uS has been spearheading mobile game industry since its inception in 1998, with its No. 1 market position in Korea, the most advanced market for mobile games. In addition, Com2uS has been providing mobile games to 58 carriers (including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Three, O2, Vodafone and many others) in 39 countries, providing fun games to users throughout the world. Superior contents and game development/publishing capability have been highly recognized by both mobile game industry and financial institutions, constantly winning a large number of awards.

Com2Us have released a number of fantastic Iphone 3G(s) & Itouch games available for download from Itunes App Store.  And have been very generous in donating the following Iphone games to give away to 12 lucky fans of Capsule Computers website.

Check out these fantastic games :

Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D is not only visually stunning but also excitingly addicting!  Challenge your friends and rivals to head-to-head online match-ups!
In addition to the player vs. player online derby, the game includes arcade, training and classic modes as a welcoming treat for single-person game play.
Make your own customized look with wide range of selections in bodies, looks, baseball equipments, etc

World of Tunes : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

The Tuneys live in a world where peace and harmonic music rule the land. However, the evil Silence Overlord and his alien minions invaded the world and have taken the Tuney’s music captive. The Tuneys must now stand up against the evil tyrant and restore their land back to the: World of Tunes!

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2009 : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

Baseball season 2009 is back! And for all you baseball fans, 9 innings: probaseball 2009 is the real quality baseball game you have been waiting for. Challenge to become the world champions in this full version of baseball for your iphone or ipod touch.

Select your own manager and team roster, pitcher rotation, and play all the at bats and pitches as you engage in a full season of 126 games and playoffs. During the game, check your pitchers endurance, emotional status with a circle control UI for the perfect timing to make substitutions. Check batter stats and player conditions before the game. There are plenty of baseball features in this 9 inning game. If the whole season is too much for you, you can always auto-play the games and receive results.

The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

Feanor is sent on a mystical journey to defeat Deathtaker, the cursed devil dragon, and save the Princess of Inotia. The beautiful land of Inotia has recovered to a time of relative peace but evil spirits controlled by Deathtaker have not been completely vanished. With foreboding clouds of war returning, Feanor heads towards Elf Forest following faint traces of evil energy.

Crazy Hotdogs: Tailgate Party : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

A jobless young man receives a mysterious mission to earn a million dollars with hotdogs. It is an exciting journey of cooking and selling hotdogs to find out who is behind the scenes

Trapped: Undead Infection : 2 Appstore Codes to giveaway

Trapped: Undead Infection has tense, thrilling game play that features cool effects using darkness and light, claustrophobically narrow rooms, and nefarious brain-eating zombies. You play a scientist in the near future trapped in a large bio-research facility swarming with the undead. As you wander the shadowy corridors and rooms, defend yourself from the undead with pipes, stun guns, handguns, and rifles. You will also solve puzzles as you move through the large, open-ended levels. Spooky sound effects add to the intense atmosphere.

To win yourself a copy of any of these great Com2Us games :

And tell us in 25 words or less why you should be one of the lucky winners.

The competion giveaway will run for approx 1 week to give as many readers the opportunity to enter.

Any questions email us at : [email protected]

Once again thank you to Com2Us for there generosity and to all of the Capsule Computers fans for entering.

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  1. i am a great fan of com2us games and i already have baseball slugger so please include me in your giveaway thanx..

  2. I think I should be one of the winners because as a college student, I get bored a lot. But besides that, we lack the money to pay for apps. And I would definitely leave feedback. It’s always good to help the devs. (ps. if I win, I already own Baseball slugger, which is an AWESOME game) go com2us!!!!

  3. I am a HUGE Com2uS fan, owning BS, WoT and 9I. I’d love to win Crazy Hotdogs, so I can try more of their apps.

  4. After playing plenty of Baseball Superstars and World of Tunes, I’ve become a big fan of Com2Us. I’d love to try another game.

  5. I think I should be one of the winners because, come on, summer is coming to an end, and I want to live it out with some Com2Us games!

  6. I think i should win a com2us game because my ipod desperately needs one and cries at nite until it gets one. I am also a big fan of com2us games and see as it is summer
    summer gets very boring and i need a distraction or some well made entertainment to keep me occupied

  7. Aw dang i gotta shorten that so here it goes

    My ipod cries at nite for one. And summer is very boring and i need something fun to keep me occupied

  8. I’m a big fan of RPG games and would love to win The Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor because I know my itouch wants something different there besides racing games and puzzles 🙂 It’s time to have some RPG..

  9. hi there how u goin love your work,im loving rpg and first person shooting thats why i believe the chronicles or trapped is the game for me.Love my iphone and would love to put a new game in it,it would be so happy haahaha lol,p.s would settle for hotdogs

  10. I Feel I Should win restored my ipod and lost my items but still have my ranking and its gonna take a long time for me to get to them items back

  11. I should definitely get this code as my mom would be so so so so so so so proud that I saved 2+$ TODAY :o.

  12. If i don’t get this code , i’ll shoot you with my:

    …_…|..____________________, ,
    ……/ ..—___________—-_____|]
    …..), —.(_(__) /
    ….// (..) ), —-’

    Just Kidding, But seriously …

    (You said words, not characters ;])

  13. I am a big fan of Baseball Sluggers and would love to try other masterpieces by Com2us, but my parents won’t let me buy more apps.

  14. Definitely I should win codes. I work for a living, and a little fun and now then makes the day much more productive!

  15. After a hectic day at work and two screaming kids at home, I’m in desperate need of a “peace and harmonic music” in my land.

  16. I already own some Com2US games (Inotia and WoT) and I am wondering if their other games can meet or even exceed my expectations

  17. Wondering if other Com2US games can exceeding my expectations after I played WoT and Inotia. Will you give me opportunity to find out?

  18. It’s summer and I’m lonely. I need to slaughter with my louisevill bat. Hope there’s one in Baseball Slugger

  19. noticed, that I have two posts shown here now, please ignore/delete first one = JCik said this on August 27, 2009 at 9:04 am | Reply.

    I thought it wasnt submited, so I posted another post. sorry again

  20. As a Kung-fu Ninja Warrior, I have endured many challenges, but one I have not yet conquered is acquiring a complimentary game from Com2US. (Would love 9 innings baseball.)

  21. Just figured I’d enter because I need some games for my ipod touch.

  22. I should win a World of Tunes code because I am godly at any and all music-based games. They are super fun.

  23. I don’t most of these titles, but I do know Baseball Sluggers which was quite addicting and very well done only multiplayer game. Therefore I’m curious about other work of Com2us.

  24. *don’t know

  25. I am hooked on (and developing carpal tunnel) playing baseball slugger so i am craving for trying another Comp2us game to give my addiction some variety…

  26. Thanks to everyone that entered the Com2Us iPhone Giveaway Competition. The Competition is now closed.

    The Winners will be notified by email in the next few days.

    Thanks once again. Make sure you enter the other competitions we have available at the moment via the Competition tab on the main page 🙂

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