Scribblenaughts – Best Of E3

DS Nintendo

Scribblenauts won the Best of E3. It is one of the most creative and imaginative games I have ever seen. And Ive been around games for over 30 + years. From what I’ve seen in game screens and videos this is going to be a blockbuster title. I’ve got my copy reserved already and cant wait for it to be released in September.

Check out the ScribbleNauts webite for more screenshots and videos.

Infor from the Website :

Using the Nintendo DS™ touch-screen, help Maxwell reach the starite by solving a series of puzzles. Catch the starite by writing down any object you can think of and watch it come to life. Try another word and see a completely different scenario unfold. With your stylus and imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Scribblenauts places you, the player, in control of the world.

Unlock your imagination, September 2009.

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!