Rewrite Fate in Spearhead Games’ New Adventure Omensight

Will be available for testing at PAX South 2018

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Spearhead Games (Tiny Brains) revealed their newest title ahead of PAX South 2018. Omensight is an adventure game about the consequences of changing fates that are already written.

Players take on the role of the Harbinger, a skilled warrior capable of seeing the future and changing fate itself. The Harbinger has been called upon to stop the events that will lead to the destruction of Urralia. Players will meet the characters whose actions will eventually lead to the end of Urralia and make tough decisions in hopes of changing Urralia’s fate. Once choices about who lives and who dies have been made, players will wade into battle with sword in one hand and time controlling abilities in the other.

Omensight does not have a solid release date, but it is expected to launch on Steam sometime this year. Those who are heading to PAX South this weekend can be among the first to try out Omensight at Spearhead Games’ booth at #10458.

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