Video Game Adaptation of Card Game Munchkin Coming in 2018

Video game to be developed by Asmodee Digital

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Steve Jackson Games and Asmodee Digital announced today that the long running card game Munchkin will get a licensed video game adaptation in 2018. Asmodee Digital (Pathfinder Adventures) has not released too many details about their plans for the IP, including which platforms will be supported. I would guess that the most likely route Asmodee Digital will take is to create a game with the base deck and release the many themed Munchkin decks as DLC. This would allow Asmodee Digital to stay true with the Munchkin rules that allow for different theme decks to be mixed together.

Munchkin is a fast paced role playing card game where players take on the roll of a power gaming munchkin. Players work together to gear up and tackle monsters, then backstab each other at the most inopportune times in hopes of victory. First published in 2001, the Munchkin now has over 30 variants and countless expansion decks.

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