New Life is Feudal: MMO Trailer Chronicles Closed Beta #4

Carpenter and farmer most popular profession during the test

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The latest Life is Feudal: MMO trailer is a chronicle of the events of the recent closed beta test. Plenty of action happened in just two short weeks. Over 5000 characters died, 2000 homes razed, and 400 monuments desecrated. Some more mundane stats were also shared, like the 28 million tons of earth excavated and the 143 thousand trees cut down in the two week period. Carpenter and farmer tied as the most popular professions chosen by testers.

Life is Feudal: MMO scales up Bitbox’s open world survival game Life is Feudal to support over ten thousand players on a single world that is over 21 by 21 km in size. The game will feature a full scale guild system with support for siege warfare. Life is Feudal: MMO supports Windows PC.

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