Secret World Legends Launches via Funcom’s Site

Steam launch to follow on July 31

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Funcom has launched the reboot to their modern day MMORPG The Secret WorldSecret World Legends revamps much of the game’s mechanics and graphics to modern standards. The traditional MMORPG tab targeting system has been dropped in favour of a more dynamic reticule based system, allowing gamers to play the game like a third person shooter. All nine weapons have been completely revamped to give each one a unique mechanic that skills are built around. Quests and progression has been streamlined to flow better, making the game more accessible to new players.

Secret World Legends is a mature themed action RPG set in modern day. Three secret societies are sending their best and brightest out into the world to investigate and battle supernatural phenomenon that have long been considered myths and legends by the general public. The game features the traditional trappings of a modern MMO, but also intricate quests that will require players to solve complex puzzles that will challenge their logic and research skills. All 100+ hours of story-driven content from The Secret World has been brought into Legends, and new story content will be developed and released in the coming months.

Secret World Legends is entirely free to play with quality of life bonuses and cosmetic items available for an extra fee. A monthly Patron status is also available that grants bonuses such as free keys for gear, scenarios, dungeons, and lairs; bonus experience; quality of life bonuses for the market, and unlimited travel.

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