Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands “Fallen Ghosts” to Launch on May 30

Out for separate purchase on June 6

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Ubisoft announced the second expansion pack “Fallen Ghosts” for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands will launch for all Season Pass owners on May 30th. The expansion will be available for purchase separately on June 6th. The expansion pack adds 15 new missions, introduces four new enemy types, raises the level cap to 35, adds nine new skills, and introduces six new guns.

“Fallen Ghosts” is set after the fall of the Santa Blanca cartel. Bolivia has fallen into a violent civil war. Unidad has decided that their path to power is to ensure the removal of all Americans from Bolivian soil. Desperate for skilled soldiers to track down and eliminate the remaining Americans, Unidad has recruited mercenaries, former cartel members, criminals, and anyone else willing to hunt down the Americans in a unit called Los Extranjeros. The Ghosts have been tasked with helping all remaining Americans in Bolivia. Their mission takes a turn for the worst when their helicopter is shot down and they are now trapped in the jungle with Los Extranjeros on the hunt.


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