Avex Pictures Bans Overseas Sales of Its Home Video and CD Products

'Mr. Osomatsu' can still be purchased on DVD with English subtitles from Australia's Madman Entertainment.

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Online retailer CD Japan announced yesterday that Avex Pictures has banned the majority of all exports of their CD, DVD and Blu-ray titles. This ban affects all online retailers in Japan. Avex Pictures publishes the popular anime series Yuri!!! on Ice and Osomatsu-san (Mr. Osomatsu), among other things. This ban does not affect figurine sales or other character goods. CD Japan’s statement does not contain any explanation regarding the reason behind Avex Pictures’ export ban.

The ban begins at 6:00pm Japan Time (UTC+9) tonight (15/02/2017). All orders and pre-orders made before this time will ship as per normal. The recent anime adaptation of Mr. Osomatsu was released on DVD with English subtitles in Australia by Madman Entertainment last December.

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