‘Skip Beat’ English Dub to Feature Four Songs in English

Both opening songs will be dubbed into English.

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skip-beat-screenshot-04Pied Piper announced today via their Kickstarter page for the Skip Beat! anime that they have received approval to include four cover songs in their English dub of the series. Cover versions of the following songs will be included in the dub: “Dream Star”, the opening song for episodes 1-19, “Renaisscance”, the opening song for episodes 20-25, “Burnin’ Down”, the insert song in episode 11 and “Prisoner”, the insert song in episode 19.

Pied Piper noted that obtaining the rights to produce an English version of any song in the Skip Beat! anime was difficult and involved a significant amount of effort. As they were unable to secure the rights to dub the rest of the songs featured in the anime, they have asked the backers to help decide whether to include the four aforementioned songs in the English dub and simply leave the others in Japanese or to leave all songs in Japanese and only include the English songs as extras.

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