BT Taking Valve to Court over Alleged Patent Infringement

BT alleges infringement of four US patents

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British Telecom (BT) is taking Valve to court in the United States over the infringement of four patents that covers a broad range of Steam services. The patents cited are related to digital rights management for subscriptions, message delivery, call control protocols, and screen sharing. It appears that the patents are a mix of broad and specific cases. BT has filed a document with the courts containing details and screenshots explaining how BT’s lawyers believe the popular PC distribution platform is infringing BT’s patents, which can be found online.

BT’s lawyers allege that Valve has been ignoring their letters warning them of the infringement and are requesting a jury trial. No word if BT owns similar patents in the European Union or the UK and if they have plans to sue Valve in those jurisdictions too.

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