New Pair of Mafia III Videos Released

Vito “The Throwback” and New Bordeaux videos released.

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2K Games has released a new pair of videos for Mafia III with one being the continuation of their character focused series and the other being a broader video that focuses on introducing the various districts that make up the city of New Bordeaux. The character introduced this time around is Vito, “The Throwback.” Vito has seen it all, rising through the mob ranks.

Sent down to New Bordeaux by the commission from Empire Bay, he’s a man shaken by his past. He’s a man bound by loyalty even as he’s pushed to the brink. What will finally make him rise up against Italian Mafia he’s served for so long? Lincoln Clay – and revenge. You can check out his video as well as Mafia III‘s New Bordeaux (a fictional recreation of New Orleans) below.

Vito “The Throwback”

New Bordeaux Districts

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