Madman Entertainment Previews the Contents of the ‘Boy and the Beast’ Collector’s Edition

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Madman Entertainment has provided an in-depth preview of the contents of their upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of The Boy and The Beast. The suggested retail prices are $34.95 AUD (Australian Dollars) and $39.95 AUD respectively. It will be available on July 6. The home video release features the film with both the original Japanese audio track and English subtitles and the English dub.

The first print run will come in a slipcase. The variant Shibuya artwork (featured above) can be found on the front and rear of the DVD or Blu-ray case inside the slipcase. The inside of the inner case will feature exclusive illustrations used in the Japanese home video release.

One of the on-disc extras is the Making of Documentary, which runs for 43 minutes and 42 seconds. This feature shows location scouting, interviews with director Mamoru Hosoda and staff members from Studio Chizu as well as footage showing the production of the film itself.

Other interviews are included as well. These include: “News Zero Spin-Off”, a 26-minute feature going behind the scenes with the main voice actors, “The Boy and the Beast Countdown Special: An Enchanting Story”, a seven-minute pre-release interview, the “Release Special”, an 11-minute video featuring pre-release interviews with the cast and the 20-minute “Event Video”. Other on-disc extras include the Japanese promotional videos, trailers and TV spots.

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