FUNimation Is Not Involved With Toonami Asia’s English Dub of ‘Dragon Ball Super’

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Toonami Asia announced last week that they have acquired the television broadcast rights to the 52 episode anime series Dragon Ball Super. They will be airing an English -dubbed version of it in the middle of next year in Southeast Asia and in India. This will be the English-language world premiere of the series.

The announcement does not make it clear exactly which company is producing this English dub. The ambiguity of this led some people to believe that FUNimation Entertainment, the North American company that holds the home video rights to distribute the Dragon Ball series, will be producing this dub. However, a representative of FUNimation confirmed that the company has nothing to do with this dub. The representative did not say whether or not FUNimation currently has any plans to dub the series itself.

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