Discotek Reveals the Final DVD Artwork for ‘Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie’

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Discotek Media has just revealed the final cover and disc art for their DVD release of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. The full image detailing the artwork for the release is featured below. They are still working on the artwork for their Blu-ray release of the film. Discotek announced that they licensed the film in February. They have not yet set a date for either of the releases.

It has been confirmed that the DVD will feature the film uncut and uncensored with the UK and US English dubs. The remastered dubs have been synced with the uncut anamorphic widescreen transfer. The subtitles to accompany the Japanese audio have been reworked and include options to view them with either the U.S. or the original Japanese character names. The opening and ending credits of the English version will be included.


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