The Terminator will be Playable in WWE 2K16; Announcement Trailer Revealed

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Well that is news. Today WWE Games and 2k announced the latest addition for WWE 2K16, which will be none other than The Terminator. Yes, the Arnold Terminator. That is correct.

A new trailer was revealed today showing the big surprise, with several superstars in a bar before Schwarzenegger comes in and approaches Ambrose, who puts his cigar out on The Terminator’s chest. Of course Arnie doesn’t flinch – showing his true cyborg self. Its a neat trailer I suppose, but I am not impressed at all with this announcement. For a game that took away its creative aspects in lieu of DLC, seeing a character I could have easily made enter the fray is just disheartening knowing we couldn’t even make a Diva last time around. We shall see. Ignore my cynicism and watch the clip below as for many, this is kind of a big deal.

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