Yoshi’s Woolly World Receives Story Details, Trailer, and New Screenshots

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Mark your calenders now as Yoshi‘s Woolly World is set to hit the Wii U along with its Amiibo kin on June 25th. Good Feel and Nintendo have been working on this Wii U gem for a good bit now, and have now released more information about the story, as well as what else you can expect such as the fact that there are over 50 levels to explore within the game.

Here are the details:

Once upon a time in Craft Island, a paradise located in the middle of Handmade Ocean, the peaceful lives of different-patterned Yoshis are rudely disrupted by the dastardly Kamek, who has kidnapped Yoshis by turning them into balls of yarn using his magic. Having escaped the surprise attack by this notorious villain, Yoshi must set out on an adventure spanning various Worlds, with beautiful landscapes ranging from lush woolly meadows to fluffy mountain peaks. And at the end of it all…well, Yoshi might encounter an even fiercer villain behind this pesky plot…

On this journey of discovery, Yoshi must Ground Pound, Flutter Jump, and gobble up woolly enemies, which can be turned into Yarn Balls – both big and small – to lob at obstacles and other enemies standing in Yoshi’s way. As a classic staple in the Yoshi platform series, Yoshi can also transform in certain levels, so don’t be surprised to encounter a fast-swimming Mermaid Yoshi, a quick-firing Sky Pop Yoshi aeroplane, and even a Moto Yoshi, where Yoshi turns into a high-speed motorbike.

But while Yoshi’s adventures will be action-packed, there is no time limit to finish each level, and if a level is getting particularly tough, you can switch the game to Mellow Mode at any point and play as Winged Yoshi. With the power of flight, Yoshi will find the action a little easier to manage! In addition, and in the spirit of two Yoshis being better than one, a co-operative feature allows one of your friends to join the platforming fun as a second Yoshi and play the entire adventure alongside you.

Keep a keen eye out for cool collectibles in Yoshi’s Woolly World, with Hearts to restore Yoshi’s life gauge, Stamp Patches that unlock stamps for Miiverse, and Smiley Flowers to increase the chances of unlocking a bonus game. Be sure to collect a horde of Beads, as these can be saved up to purchase Power Badges between levels, which when activated allow – for example – Yoshi to unleash powered-up Ground Pounds, or even be able to play alongside woolly canine companion Poochy. Meanwhile, for the full yarn-themed experience make a particular effort to hunt down Wonder Wools, as by finding all five in every level, watch as one of more than 50 uniquely-patterned Yoshis revives in front of your eyes! Best of all, you can then visit Yoshi Hut on Craft Island and choose to play as one of these many different-patterned Yoshis during your adventures.

This title sounds phenomenal from what we have learned thus far. You can check out the trailer for the game below and expect Yoshi’s Woolly World to hit the Wii U next month (along with a bundle that includes the green Yoshi Amiibo for just ten dollars more).

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