New Need For Speed Leaked Details

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With the announcement of the latest Need for Speed title came a lot more questions than answers. Now a quick minded Reddit user has managed to screenshot some leaked and quickly removed promotional material that was on the official Xbox site and the proposed features sound great. A story mode will see “multiple, overlapping stories” that allows you to “carve your own path”, rich authentic customisation and five ways to play with Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw being those options. The game will be set in Ventura Bay, that will have a West Coast Urban theme featuring downtown, a harbour and canyon regions. It is said this world will be nocturnal, but we are not sure if that means their won’t be a day/night cycle.

A release date was also leaked in the picture for November 3rd but we imagine this could easily change. While EA and development team Ghost have been reluctant to say this is a follow up to Need for Speed Underground it definitely seems at the least to be a spiritual successor and I’m sure plenty of Need for Speed fans are ok with that as long as they get their neon customisation. More details about Need for Speed will be official unveiled at EA’s E3 2015 press conference. You can check out the full leaked image below.


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