Free Dragon Ball Xenoverse Revival of ‘F’ Pack DLC Out Now

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We speculated that the formerly exclusive costumes from Revival of ‘F’ would be in DLC pack 3 for Dragon Ball Xenoverse but we’re quite shocked to see they weren’t included. However Bandai Namco have done their fans a solid and just now released the movie pack as a free download to all users. Keep in mind these are just the costumes and you will need to purchase DLC pack 3 and download it once it is released to play as the characters from the movie.


The pack contains Goku and Vegeta’s new training outfits from the recently released Revivial of ‘F’ film as well as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan wig for your created characters to wear. The stats are + 5 Basic Attack, + 5 Strike Supers, + 5 Stamina and – 5 Ki Blast Supers. If you can’t see the pack up on Steam, the PSN Store or Xbox Live Marketplace in your area be patient and it should be up soon. I can assure it is up on the PlayStation European store however I received an unable to download message upon trying to download it myself.

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