Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma Now Available

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Razer announced that the Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma Mechanical Keyboard is now available for purchase. Although the name is quite long, the keyboard itself isn’t. The keyboard is designed for travelling to tournaments and LAN parties, which means the number pad and the macro keys on the sides of the keyboard have been axed.

The keyboard retains many of the features from its larger brother, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma, such as Razer’s custom mechanical switches, the RGB LEDs capable of display of 16.8 million different colours, and extreme levels of customization with the Razer Synapse software. The custom switches are designed for gamers, requiring only a light touch and a short travel distance to actuate the keys. Each switch is designed to handle up to 60 million key presses before dying.


Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma Mechanical Keyboard is available now in US and Canada online at the Razer Store and exclusively in store at Best Buy for $139.99 USD or $159.99 CAD.

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