New Omega Quintet Combat Details and Screenshots Released

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Omega Quintet_20150402120823

With Omega Quintet set to be released next week for the PlayStation 4, Idea Factory International has released a new batch of screenshots showing off the game’s combat system, primarily the Voltage Meter. This meter will start at various stages in combat and different music will play that will apply various buffs and debuffs to the combat arena.

Omega Quintet_20150402115543

By triggering the Voltage Meter in Live Concert Mode fans will request various actions to be performed in battle to keep the concert going longer. It is also worth noting that players can cause what is called a “Field Break” on the enemy’s Magnetic Field allowing the player to perform extra attacks and deal extra damage to enemies allowing for easier Overkills. Depending on how many requests are fulfilled, overkills are performed, and various other tasks players will receive various bonuses at the end of combat including EXP bonuses.

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