Cyberpunk CCG ‘Glitch Hunter’ Launches Kickstarter

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As a huge fan of all things cyberpunk, it should be no surprise that I keep an eye out for all things high-tech and noir. The cyber word on the street is that a new cyberpunk-themed collectible card game is currently up on kickstarter by the name of Glitch Hunter. The game is being developed by Estonian developer, One More Rabbit, and aims to create an accessible and fast-paced collectible card game. In true cyberpunk form, the game will be based online.


There doesn’t appear to be too many details about gameplay which are known at this point (at least not on the kickstarter page) but there appears to be some interesting elements in play. One of these elements is the addition of a ‘Doomsday Switch’ timebomb in which (when activated by both players) a timer counts down until both players lose. The players have until the timer finishes to win the game and receive bonuses to resources to help with that. It’s certainly one method to keep the game moving at a fast pace…


Unfortunately I can’t add much more until further details come through, but it might be interesting to keep an eye on this one as things develop. Feel free to have a gander at the project here and determine for yourself whether the project is worth your support.

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