‘Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin’ Episode 1 English Dub Cast Revealed

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The cast for the English dubbed version of the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, “Blue-Eyed Casval”, has been revealed. This will be the first of four OVAs. Many familiar names appear in the list, however some of the members of the dub cast are not as prolific.

  • Casval Rem Deikun: Karen Strassman
  • Artesia Som Deikun: Maggie O’Connor
  • Degwin Sodo Zabi: Marc Thompson
  • Gihren Zabi: Liam O’Brien
  • Sasro Zabi: Braeden Fox
  • Dozle Zabi: Bob Johnson
  • Kycilia Zabi: Wendee Lee
  • Ramba Ral: Kirk Thornton
  • Crowley Hamon: Amanda Shuckman
  • Zeon Zum Deikun: Marc Diraison
  • Astraia Tor Deikun: Veronica Taylor
  • Jimba Ral: Doug Stone
  • Char Aznable: Keith Silverstein

Both the English subtitles and English dubbed version will be produced by NYAV Post. Sunrise will be distributing the series through Right Stuf.

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