Daisuki to Stream New ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Season

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Anime Consortium Japan, inc., the recently established streaming service for official anime content, has announced that it will be simulcasting the new season of Kuroko’s Basketball on its Daisuki service from January 10, 2015. Episodes will be available with English, Italian, Portugese, Spanish and German subtitles. It will be available in North and Central America, Latin America, Europe (except for French speaking areas), Oceania (except for French Polynesia), Africa (except for Tunisia) and Asia (except for Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore). Here is the official synopsis of the new season:

Seirin High School makes it into the semifinals of the Winter Cup. They defeated Toô Gakuen, featuring Aomine, and Yosen, featuring Murasakibara, both from the “Generation of Miracles,” causing Seirin to be one of the more noticed schools. They firm their resolve towards the semifinals. Kagami, nudged by Kuroko, heads outside of the tournament building in order to reconcile with Himuro, but sees a guy picking a fight with Himuro and Alex, steps in to help them.

That guy is Shogo Haizaki of Fukuda Sogo Gakuen. He is a graduate of Teiko Junior High, and he was supposedly a regular player in the first-string team before Kise joined…

Seasons one and two of Kuroko’s Basketball will be made available with English subtitles beginning January 13, 2015, at 11am JST. It is estimated that ten episodes will be uploaded each week.


In addition, Daisuki will also be simulcasting The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls with English and traditional Chinese subtitles. Korean subtitles will be added three days after the stream is uploaded, with episodes to be available globally except for Japan and China beginning January 9, 2015.

All previous seasons of The Idolm@ster will added to Daisuki with English subtitles beginning January 13, 2015, at 11am JST. Episodes will be available globally except for Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, with an estimated five episodes to be uploaded each week.

Furthermore, Anime Consortium Japan has announced that it has released a beta version of its free Daisuki app for Android. The app was previously released on iOS services, but now anime fans with an Android system can also enjoy loads of free anime content on the go.

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