Unbreakable Machine Doll English dub cast revealed and previewed

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Today FUNimation released a bunch of information concerning their upcoming release of Unbreakable Machine Doll on March 3rd. They have not only revealed the English dub cast alongside a preview trailer, but they have also released details concerning the contents of the Limited and Standard Editions of the release.

The Standard Edition contains all 12 Episodes plus over 50 minutes of extras, including:

  • 6 never-before-seen OVAS
  • Episode 1 & 2 Commentary
  • Promotional Videos & Commercials
  • Textless Songs
  • Trailers

While the Limited Edition will contain all of the above plus:

  • An exclusively titillating art booklet
  • A collectible rigid art box

As for the casting, the English dub will feature the following voice actors and crew:

RAISHIN Clifford Chapin
YAYA Bryn Apprill
CHARLOTTE Kristin Sutton
FREY Lindsay Seidel
LOKI Chris Burnett
SIGMUND David Wald
KIMBERLEY Kristin McCollum
MAGNUS Ricco Fajardo
SHOKO Clarine Harp
IRORI Alexis Tipton
KOMURASAKI Lara Woodhull
LISETTE Jad Saxton
FELIX Ian Sinclair
BRONSON Brandon Potter
CRUEL Christopher Bevins
CEDRIC Carli Mosier
SHIN Vic Mignogna
CHERUBIM Andrew T. Chandler


ADR Director – Christopher Bevins
ADR Engineer – Kenneth Thompson
Writer – Bonny Clinkenbeard
Translators – Sarah Alys Lindholm, Nora Stevens Heath

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