Nintendo Release a Trio of Super Smash Bros. Commercials

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We are only weeks away from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS releasing in the west, and the hype is everywhere (you feel it Shulk?). Today, Nintendo released a few commercials for the upcoming handheld version of the game, and to be honest, these clips are not too bad. I mean, sure – the original ad is hard to top, but the whole “Settle it in Smash” tagline works well with this campaign.

Nintendo are still remaining a bit tight-lipped about the Wii U version’s release date at the moment even though most know it already, but I can’t say I don’t blame them as it is wise to let the 3DS version to get as much momentum as it possibly can before release. Watch the clips below, and get ready to SETTLE IT IN SMASH! (yep, its quite effective).

“Training Day”

“Food Fight”

“Last Seat”

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