Quest for Infamy Now Available at Online Retailers

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Infamous Quests’s Kickstarter funded adventure RPG Quest for Infamy launched today on Steam,, and other online retailers. The game mixes classic adventure gaming, fantasy RPGs, and three charming anti-heroes. Players can choose either the strength-based brigand, the stealthy rogue, or the magic wielding sorcerer, each with a unique story line. The game stars William Roehm, after he had carnal knowledge of the local Baron’s daughter. Now, Roehm is on an epic adventure to become infamous.

Quest for Infamy features more than 200 hand drawn scenes, 50+ NPCs, turn based combat, and plenty of puzzles. Published by Phoenix Online Publishing, the game is available on all major online retailers for $19.99. Quest for Infamy supports Linux and Windows operating systems.

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