Hatsune Miku Eye Drops Available With Special AR Capable Box

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Let’s face it, we all spend too much time in front of our smartphones and computers, well fret not my friends because Hatsune Miku is here to help. The popular Vocaloid has teamed up with Japanese pharmaceutical company Rohto to release a new pack of eye drops designed to help reduce digital eye strain, they will be on sale in two days and will only cost 800 yen ($7.90 USD). The drops will come in a small box that will feature a close up of Mikus eye on the front of it, if you do buy one don’t throw that box out because Rohto have planned a unique use for them.

A free app will be released this month on the 22nd called Digi Eye AR, once downloaded you will be able to see a special Hatsune Miku AR performance which will be done on top of the eye drop box itself. Rohto have created a promotional twitter account and website for the drops with a countdown to when the app will be available. Tell us what you think about these drops by leaving a comment down below.

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