Mii Fighters Make Super Smash Bros. Personal

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Mii, Myself and I

You feel lucky punk? Well, do ya? You’d best figure it out soon because at Nintendo‘s E3 press conference, it was announced that Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U just got a little more personal. Of course I speak of the inclusion of a rather interesting fighter: You…by which I mean Mii.

However, rather than simply slapping a Mii skin into a game as they have in the past, Nintendo has invested a large amount of effort into making the Mii Fighter a viable choice for battle. Featuring more than just a single control set, the Mii’s are divided into three categories: Brawler, Swordfighter and Gunner. As you may be able to guess from the names, these characters will focus on hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship and projectile weaponry respectively. Featuring a plethora of special moves, these characters provide just as much versatility as their designs.

So there you have it. As if being countless Nintendo champions wasn’t enough, now you can join the fray personally. It’s pretty cool, especially since it’s more than just a gimmick. Check out the screenshots below for a little taste of what you can do as a Mii…you know what I mean.

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