Dragon Ball Xenoverse Announced, First Trailer Released

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The game formerly known simply as Dragon Ball New Project now has a proper title and it’s first trailer to accompany it. Titled Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, the games first trailer (which can be watched below) showcases some new and interesting features of the game and also looks like the best looking Dragon Ball game to date thanks to the power of the next gen consoles. More details are expected in coming months such as details on the mystery fighter and the cities we have seen in the past screenshots. Namco Bandai also confirmed there will be real time transformations, something that was sorely missed in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and the developer will be none other than Dimps, the developers behind the old budokai games on the PS2.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be available at the end of this year on November 4th (in Japan at least) for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Keep checking back with Capsule Computers as we bring you the latest and greatest from E3 2014 and the world of Dragon Ball and let us know what your initial impressions are below. Some new screenshots were also made available via the Facebook so make sure to check them out below also.

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  • ok…looks nice.

    but what is new or special about this compared to other DBZ games?

    i want to get Battle of Z, but i don’t like the arcade feeling to it.
    i love the co-op though.

    when will they make a real adventure DBZ game like the one on GBA?

    • Check out my review for Battle of Z if you want my thoughts on it, I did have a genuine good time with it but I dont play it anymore, its a game you have fun with but then kind of leave behind not much replayability. I love the DBZ fighting games but I think an adventure game (that also has fighting) would be an awesome change of pace. But for now this is looking like one of the best DBZ games in years!

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