Three New Characters Available for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Playstation 3 News Fighting Bandai Namco

New Challengers Approach!

Bandai Namco has announced that three new characters are now available to join the fray in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. Coming from across the franchise, these newcomers are sure to add more flair to the fighting game…not that it needed it. Joining the roster is:

  • Cool IceConsidered as DIO’s most fanatic follower. He cut his own throat to prove his loyalty, which impressed DIO so much that he gave Cool Ice some of his blood, bringing him back to life as a vampire.
  • Narc AnastasiaA psychotic murderer with a passion for analysing. After “analyzing” the woman he was dating and the person she was cheating on him with, he was sent to Green Dolphin Street Prison. Though a cold-hearted and dangerous individual, he is in love with Jolyne and so he works together with her.
  • Pannacotta FugoA hotheaded gentlemen, and a genius with an IQ of 152. Working under Buccellati, his 152 IQ ensures that he’s the team brain. He’s normally gentlemanly, but his short temper leads him to commit violent acts, eventually leading to him joining the gang. One of his roles is teaching fellow gang-member Narancia. Unable to see the logic in Buccellati’s betrayal of the organization, he leaves the team.

So with these new characters available for $2.95 a piece, head over to the PSN and nab yourself a little more variation for All Star Battle. The game itself will also receive a new update to the Campaign mode to showcase the new fighters and truly enter them into the roster. So check out the screenshots below and get a good look at the three new foes you just might have to face in this All Star Battle. Di Molto!

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