Second Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Released

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It’s ramping up to be one of the most hyped releases for next gen this year and now we get our first glimpse at some of the gameplay of Batman: Arkham Knight with the games newest trailer “Evening the Odds”. The trailer’s main focus is on the newly implemented Batmobile which looks amazingly devastating in action. We have been told that the Batmobile will have several awesome features, such as the ability to jump, perform speed boost, fire missiles, crash through obstacles and be called upon at any time (even when in the air as the Batmobile will drive to meet your landing point). We also get a glimpse of new villian the Arkham Knight, who seems to have the upper hand against out masked hero at the end of the trailer.

The plot in this final title of the Arkham is set one year after that of Arkham City and revolves around Scarecrow as he gathers Batman’s enemies to put an end to The Bat once and for all. The game will feature an enhanced combat system, new upgrades and gadgets and the return of Riddler trophies. Batman: Arkham Knight is releasing for PC, PS4 and Xbox One worldwide on October 14.

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