Get Yourself a Fancy Pattern Vivillon in Pokemon X and Y

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Since Pokemon X and Y hit the store shelves last October, over 90 million Pocket Monsters have been traded worldwide. That is more than 4 time the population of Australia in the tiny, yet lovable monsters. With the impressive 100 million mark rapidly approaching, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced that a special “Fancy Pattern” Vivillon will be available for players in-game.

For those who aren’t in the know, Vivillon is a pattern who’s wing-pattern changes depending on which real-world region it was caught (making it the ultimate collection for the OCD trainer to complete). This new Fancy Pattern Vivillon cannot be caught in-game and is only available through the special event distribution that will become available once the 100 million milestone has been reached.

We will let you know when you can get your Fancy Vivillon (who I believe should be wearing some kind of top hat) so make sure you stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Pokemon news as it becomes available.

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