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Sakura Trick

10-A: A Snow Day, Memories and an Impact.

Haruka and Shizuku are both excited when they look outside the window and find the school grounds covered in snow, despite the other three girls being disinterested (Ikeno having a school council meeting during lunchtime) they both decide to eat their lunch in the cold white powder.

It’s not long before they both realize the error of their ways, yet their stubbornness keeps them from retreating back into the warm indoors.  We then get a scene regarding Shizuku and Kotones’ situation, which I will talk about later, followed by Kotone herself braving the cold to give Shizuku a sweet kiss. Both Yuu and Iizuka eventually come outside, with Iizuka being dragged out by Haruka, and all five of them begin to have a snowball fight. This half finishes with Ikeno leaving the council meeting and approaching Mituski in the hallway; she then asks her if she was okay with Yuu and Haruka dating…  after a brief silence form Mitsuki it’s end story for this half.


This story did have a cheerful theme to it with the snowball fight at the end providing two lovely entertaining moments; Yuu slow motion reaction when getting hit by Iizuka and Shizukus’ failed attempts at throwing snow when she got hit.

There was still one thing that bothered me about this one and I can’t seem to let it go; whilst the two are alone, Haruka looks over at Shizuku and reminds the audience about Kotones’ engagement and how she and Shizuku won’t be together for much longer. It’s because of this I kept asking myself why the show didn’t focus more on Shizuku and Kotone. This is a stronger premise then Haruka and Yuus’ because something is actually at stake; the struggle to be together makes each moment with them more intense and I would’ve loved to see more emphasis on that throughout the anime.  Despite this thought I did enjoy this story and the conversation Ikeno had with Mitsuki will be covered more in the second half…


10-B: Usual Shenanigans in the Gym Storage Room.

Carrying on from the previous half and episode 9, Ikenos’ suspicions about Haruka and Yuu are further developed as well as a not so interesting observation about Mitsuki.

All six girls are in gym class and are split up in order to do a jump rope competition; naturally Ikeno and Iizuka are on the best team leaving the rest to fall into last place thanks to Harukas’ inability to jump. The losing team has to clean up and Haruka decides to tackle this job by herself, leading to her being locked inside the storage room. After the gym teacher comments on how quickly the girls cleaned up they realize that Haruka is trapped; Shizuku alerts their teacher, Kotone tries to get inside the gym and the rest try to get Haruka out through the window at the back. Yuu manages to climb on a ladder and reach for Haruka, the girls then share a kiss before Yuu loses her balance and falls into the storage room.

Once both of them are out Ikenos’ suspicions of the two being a couple are confirmed, despite the denial from Mitsuki in the hallway. Ikeno then recalls back to the conversation and noticed Mitsuki focusing more on Haruka then her own sister, also confirming that the last two eps will focus on this unnecessary love interest… oh joy…


We also get a short extra called Smile Rina-Chan, which shows vice president Rina Sakai always responding the same way, by smiling to everyone. After Iizuka briefly asks why she never says a word, she turns around to see Rina giving a creepy smile towards her. Not a bad set up for an extra and the end was quite funny; overall this was a quick and enjoyable laugh.

I did enjoy the first half of this episode more than the second, but overall both stories were good; they flowed nicely together with the happy tones of the main stories mixed in with Ikenos’ detective thinking at the end. The short with Rina was funny, but I do think that she only got mentioned so the audience can remember another name when the anime finishes. In case you were wondering yes she does make an appearance in the last two episodes, as well as the new president, but that will have to be saved for the next impression post.


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