Demon Gaze now available for purchase in North America

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Today fans of dungeon crawlers will be happy to hear that NIS America‘s Demon Gaze is now available for purchase in North America both at retailers and from the PlayStation Store. Those looking forward to the game in Europe have a few more days to wait as the title is set to be released there on April 25th.

It is worth noting that for the first month after the game’s release, gamers can download some free Disgaea DLC that offers players character portraits of Etna, Flonne, Cicily, Asagi, and a Prinny. For those who haven’t been following the game, Demon Gaze follows the story of Oz, the nameable protagonist, who suddenly wakes up with no memories of his past in a land overrun with demons. Without knowing what to do or who he is, Oz starts hunting down demons and assisting around the Inn that he is staying at by using his powers as a Demon Gazer.

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