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Gun No. 12: Operation Stone Forest (Part 2)

After a long and explosive fight last episode, Sio finally managed to put a bullet between the enemy squid/octopus thing’s eyes. Battleship sunk. Victory achieved…or so you would think. Well similar to any situation where somebody says, “Things can’t get any worse,” things took a turn for the worse. Time for round two against an opponent who has transformed all the weaknesses of its predecessor into strengths. Should be any easy fight.


Fully armed and completely dangerous

Poor Sio. Just when you think she’s done fighting, a second giant cephalopod emerges from the briny deep and gets a lot too personal with her right off the bat. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the pragmatism behind tearing her uniform in two specific locations? I understand how it fits into the hierarchy of anime but seriously alien dude? That’s your attack strategy? Anyway, regardless of how restrictive her new situation is, Sio manages to pull of something no other character has been seen doing: Activating an AU weapon from a different limb. I know it’s not exactly practical enough to have made an appearance prior to this moment, but it was interesting to see that it’s possible. Just another example the series throws at us to show how inventive Sio can be in combat.

Now I know the enemy are specifically classified as Evolutionary Invasion Objects, but holy crap. Who’da thunk they could force such radical changes in such a short time? Over the course of a single fight, the species managed to create a new member capable of combating every single weakness its “parent” possessed. These kinds of changes have always happened off screen and in between fights, to see it happen specifically due to the fight being shown was more involving in a way. Like the enemy continues to push forward faster and faster, inventing new ways to just screw over humanity. Not that we can’t do the same in return. I of course speak of the power of science. When forced into the middle of combat, I was kinda worried that Hunter would remain the archetypal coward. Then part of me remembered that this is the final fight and when that magical time rolls around, the cowards cut loose in one way or another. Utilising the power of his smart sciency brain, he devised a plan that was equal parts brilliant and malicious. I mean, having an army tear itself apart? Brutal. Though truly more Hunter’s speed. After damn near breaking down after killing an Object, the series reminds us that not every DOGOO soldier was built for this kind of duty. A fact that’s easy to forget when most weeks focus on Sio or Jack. In the same vein, we are given a brief glimpse of society, struck by awe and fear as their entire lives are turned upside down. It served to show that there is a world beyond DOGOO, full of people without the power to fight back. It really puts things in perspective doesn’t it?


Battered, bruised, but not beaten

Speaking of, Jack and Geronimo also got a chance to lets their slasher smiles show as they tore through roughly 1000 Objects each. Now that’s one hell of a kill/death ratio. In order to win the slaughter bet they agreed upon (the body counter was a nice touch), Geronimo unleashes a new power, a mode change entitled Ghost Protocol. Though not 100% explained, the mode grants her a power boost with an apparent increase in her aggression. Also a gratuitous amount of weaponry sprouting from every limb. I’d call it ridiculous if it weren’t so damn effective. On the topic of bizarre transformations, our old friend Jack also receives a combat upgrade in the form of some shiny new wings…made of knives. Contrary to Geronimo however, this mode change was not instigated by Jack, but rather the soul of the Ripper who dwells within. Possessing the unexplained ability to see Sio from kilometres away, through a wall of stone might I add, the spirit tells Jack to help her. Now, this exchange alone is rather interesting because it expresses that there is a dialogue possible between E-Gene and Holder. Our main example up to this point has been Sio who is consumed by Nobunaga’s persona, so I definitely liked getting the chance to see this different kind of relationship.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Jack also has two E-Genes within him. That kinda came out of nowhere. In addition to Jack the Ripper, Jack also houses the spirit of Florence Nightingale, manifested in the gloriously winged Nightingale Mode. Now I know I say this a lot, but man was that an interesting turn of events. Nothing from previous episodes hinted at the possibility that two E-Genes could co-exist in one body, let alone the spirits of a serial killer and a nurse. Though they never said it wasn’t possible. This situation could be the reason that Jack is not so readily consumed by the desires of his E-Gene, having two dragging him in separate directions. The implantation of both may have also been on purpose, as a way to utilise the “talents” of Jack the Ripper without losing control of such a volatile spirit. Perhaps that’s why the Ripper always seems so polite to Jack? Either that or he’s that kind of suave villain type. Regardless, I’m definitely curious to see what Florence Nightingale brings to the fight. (I honestly think that’s the first time that sentence has ever been written)


The Angel of Death

Well folks, I’m gonna say it like it is. The world is in crisis. From the brief glimpse we gained of the other platoons, the fight isn’t exactly leaning in humanity’s favour. But with a newly transformed Jack and the iron willed Nobunagun, we just might have a fighting chance. Though they might want to pick up the pace a little, there’s only one episode left.

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