Lightning Returns’ second round of costume DLC released and detailed

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Now that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has been on store shelves for about a month at this point, Square Enix has revealed that their second batch of costume DLC for the game has just been released onto the Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Network in North America and Europe.

The full costume DLC released today and their prices can be found below:

Final Fantasy Legends Collection ($9.99)

  • Yuna’s FFX outfit, Cloud and Aerith¬†costumes

Sohei Savior ($2.99)

  • Garb: Sohei Savior
  • Weapon: Treasure Hold
  • Shield: Fealty

Shogun ($2.99)

  • Garb: Shogun
  • Weapon: Thirteen Nights
  • Shield: Thunderstruck

The Samurai Collection ($9.99)

  • Shining Prince
  • Dark Samurai
  • Sohei Savior
  • Utsusemi
  • Art of War
  • Flower of Battle
  • Shogun

To go along with the release of this DLC the company has released screenshots of all of the outfits which can be found below as well as some gameplay videos showing off the Final Fantasy Legends outfits.

Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith Costume

Final Fantasy X’s Yuna Costume

Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Costume

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