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We have 5 DVD copies of Mythbuster Season 8 to give away on courtesy of Beyond Home Entertainment. Season 8 of Mythbusters is the one that features the special Breaking Bad episode! To win simply leave a comment below answering the following question and we’ll pick a few lucky winners at random:

What myth do you want to bust and why?

We’ll pick the lucky winners on the 15th of January, so you have a roughly 3 weeks to enter. Please make sure you leave a valid email when you post your comment so we can email you if you win.

Good Luck to all!


Competition is open to AU Residents only.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist

  • Michelle Harrison

    I would love to bust the myth that you need to exercise to lose weight. I think just less food will do it.

  • Jade o

    The grenade scene from Taken 2.. Is it real or just movie physics. Plus it would make hide and seek a lot more interesting!

  • PerfectionShaun

    They could finally bust the myth that playing video games makes you violent. I’m so sick of all the media saying this is true, when clearly, if I have been playing games for the last 30 years and haven’t killed a single person, it can’t be

    • Congrats on wining we’ll be in contact with you shortly!!!

  • CityGirlMelb

    The myth about what came first, the chicken or the egg? that way we would stop asking the question

    • PT45

      The chicken, of course! She needs to lay the egg to get things rolling.v

  • Guest

    can god microwave a burrito so hot that he himself cannot eat it? email is

    • Aaron Cox

      ignore this entry, it was entered as a guest so i cannot delete it.

  • Aaron Cox

    can a playing card be launched at a high enough velocity to sever a human head? I’m curious as to whether Gambits ability to launch cards at lethal velocities in comics translates to real life physics. email is

  • jen

    That flat lemonade helps tummy aches. Just want to prove my Mum wrong.

  • Helena

    The myth that reading in the dark ruins your eyesight. I want to bust this because people have always told me it does and I want to debunk it!

  • Ineedacoffee

    That being kicked in the balls hurts more than childbirth.
    Every man ive ever met says it hurts more, I dont buy it

  • Long_Walker

    A few people I know insist that it’s dangerous to put your hand in the microwave until it’s stopped beeping after cooking something because of the residual radiation, but I believe the beeping is just to let you know the cooking has ended and it’s safe to open as soon as the timer has stopped.

    • Congrats on wining we’ll be in contact with you shortly!!

  • Dunny

    I want to bust the myth that if you tell lies your nose will grow!!!

  • jayla1987

    Babies with lots of hair give mother heartburn during pregnancy

  • Regan Stevenson

    ‘I’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’. Hmm? Nobody told weigh, mischief, species, leisure, seize….

  • Dave

    I would love for them to Bust/Prove the myth that drinking different types of alcohol make you aggressive or obnoxious.

  • Sam Bishop

    Ive been told several time’s that dog’s have less germ’s in their mouth’s than human’s so is it ok to let your dog lick your face?

    • Congrats on wining we’ll be in contact with you shortly!

  • Barbie Skan

    That hundreds of spiders crawl into your mouth while you’re sleeping because I’m terrified of spiders!

  • JulieD

    Bust the myth that eating lots of carrots will make you see better.

  • Christina Hilton

    I want to bust the myth that ghosts are fake

  • Kerrie-Anne Streader


  • Debbie O’Donnell

    I’ve been told if you lie you get a pimple on your tongue.

    • PT45

      Not true

  • Alison Wheatley

    A common myth holds that daddy longlegs daddy are extremely poisonous, but that their fangs can’t penetrate human skin. Is it true?

  • Gee

    Do certain foods have negative calories, because you burn more when eating that they contain? Who doesn’t want to lose weight through eating?!

  • spog777

    To find a Phoenix and see if it really does die and return in a burst of flames

  • Tracy Green

    Should you really wait 30mins after eating before going swimming because of cramps resulting in drowning? Does chocolate cause acne?

    • Congrats on wining we’ll be in contact with you shortly!!!!

  • LadyTiffany OfGlencoe

    If Global Warming is true or is it just nature, like when it was the ice age…

  • Frances Lundon

    Do you really burn more calories when sleeping then sitting on the couch?

  • Di

    When defrosting meat, that’s in a sealed bag without any holes in it. HOW does the blood seep out of the bag while it’s defrosting?????


    Men adjusting their bits while out and about, claiming it’s a subconscious thing! Sure it is.

  • James Pizzey

    global warming is a scam/fake true or false

    • PT45

      Only false t those who like to “stick their head in the sand” Look at the world’s weather patterns compared to say twenty years ago!

  • Suds

    Investigate the myth that having reflux or heartburn while pregnant means you will have a baby with lots of hair.

  • Renai Roberts

    That shaving your hair makes your hair grow back thicker! My mum believes this to be true and it does my head in. I need to put her in her place once and for all. Email is

  • Daniel Duncan

    Is the meaning of life 42? if so why?

  • scattley

    Is it cleaner to put your stocking feet on a seat or your shoes?

  • Ximplixity

    That my mother isn’t telling the truth – she isn’t a virgin, after all!

  • Virginia Smith

    The tallest thing is the thing that lightning will strike. So what makes lightning choose where it strikes and why?

  • Peter Manski

    Its cleaner to let dishes dry in a dish rack than to dry them with a tea towel

  • Melissa

    Where exactly do my socks go when they disappear when i put them in the dryer?

  • Michelle Gray

    That females can’t read maps

  • jaylee

    If you really catch more flies with honey than vinegar

  • Conrad Terpens

    I want to know if a plane can crash if it flies over a source of electromagnetic energy. like in LOST. This could then lead on to busting the myth of the Bermuda triangle, and why planes supposedly crash around that area. Is it electromagnetic activity? It’s a myth that has been around for years, and if the Mythbusters can’t put it to rest, no one can! That would definitely be an epic myth!
    Email address is (L not i) 😀

  • leanne

    that low carb diets are miracles if I hear another person that says I can eat that fruit because it has carbs ill go insane

    • Congrats on wining we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

  • Diane Heriot

    The truth about artificial sugars natural or not vs real sugars. Which is really better for you in the long term?

  • monica

    If you pass wind in an inferred scanner at airport can it be seen?

  • CJD

    Redheads store the souls of their victims in their freckles. I’m married to a redhead and I still haven’t proven/disproven this. Maybe Adam already knows…?

  • Juanita Munro

    Is god real.. Is he really!? Some believe & some don’t, But what can myth busters uncover!?

  • Congratulations to the 5 lucky winners :

    Sam Bishop



    Tracey Green


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