Man builds machine to catch Shiny Pokemon

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In the effort to remove all effort involved in catching ‘Shiny’ Pokemon, a man has invented a machine that can catch ‘Shinies’ without the hard work involved with catching them – hard work which is not unlike the hard work that goes into building a machine to catch ‘Shiny’ Pokemon.

The man uploaded a video to youtube featuring the wicked gadget in action which you can check out below. The machine effectively performs chain fishing in the game by repeating 3DS button presses without requiring button be pressed. Eventually the system will recognize a ‘shiny’ and alert you with a beeping sound. Find out how this man did this thing in the video below.

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  • thecrows2332

    Whats the big deal with shiny pokemon? Theyre not any different to the normal pokemon, right?

    • they are very special! ~MA

      • thecrows2332

        They just shine right? Theres nothing special in battle scense? I caught a shiny gold Pidgey on Soul Silver once but besides from the colour theres nothing different about it.

        • its mainly the excitement of catching one ~MA

          • thecrows2332

            Have you caught one?

          • personally no, hopefully i’ll be able to catch some in X ~MA

        • guest

          I think they might have slightly higher stats, I think I read that on ign, but not 100% sure.

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