Sorcery! Part 2 Coming To The App Store In November

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A couple months ago we saw the release of Sorcery! Part 1: The Shamutanti Hills (Read the review here) which is a gambook-gone-digital iOS game that takes the world of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! and puts it in the palm of Smartphone users everywhere. Today the game’s developer Inkle (checkout their website here) released a huge update to Sorcery! Part 1 in high anticipation of the release of Sorcery! Part 2 which is set for release sometime in November.

The update is fantastic and does a great justice to the idea of a game update: You may now play as either a male or female adventurer which opens up the target audience a great deal. It is said to have an improved magic system, it is eliminating the in-game spellbook and adding a new system that is going to make casting spells a whole lot easier. Your save game will also be transferred from game to game, with the new update of Sorcery! Part 1 will be able to directly transfer their save file to part 2 without any trouble at all.

This isn’t all though, once the sequel is released in November we’ll be seeing so much more than listed here, things like new enemy types, a more complex story and so many gameplay enhancements. Now, while Sorcery! Part 2 can be played without first playing Part 1 I sincerely suggest you check the first game out to see how you like it, you can find the game here.  Sorcery! Part 1 will cost you $4.99 but the update is free so head over to the App Store and check it out now.

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