Original Grand Theft Auto Being Rebuilt in 3D

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It’s GTA, but not as you remember

In the wake of the recent Grand Theft Auto V frenzy that swept the world, and made Rockstar a hefty little profit, people may recall the little game that started it all. Yep, the original top down massacre of the original GTA is receiving some newfound attention.

The original creator of Grand Theft Auto, Michael Dailly, has decided to rebuild the first game in a 3D form. The game apparently already contained three dimensional maps, that were simply viewed from a top down perspective. This allowed players to utilise bridges and tunnels and provide some sense of depth. So in a way, the original GTa was ready built for 3D driving without us even knowing. Clever.


Those damn potholes…

The remake will render the game using a  new engine and is said to run at 60 frames per second. It is being rebuilt in GameMaker: Studio package, produced by YoYo Games, the company where Dailly currently works as head of development. He isn’t planning on releasing the build to the public yet, as there is still more work to do. There are currently no plans to implement gameplay into the map, though Dailly has said that, once its done, he’ll decide what to do with it.

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