Kill la Kill Episode 3 Impressions

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Kill la Kill
Episode 3: Junketsu

Alrighty. Here we are once more to look into the ongoing experience that is Kill la Kill. It’s Episode 3, following on from Episode 2 (see I can count) and it’s time to take a little look into that leader we all love to hate: Satsuki Kiryuin.

As the episode begins we are treated to a flashback and get to see Kiryuin back when she was a cute little kid, not the stern faced, totalitarian leader we all know today. We learn that she was promised a Kamui of her own, named Junketsu (Purity), as her “wedding dress” and is more than a little ticked of that someone in the world beat her to the punch and wore one of these powerful garments…and you do not want to tick this lady off.


Doing things in half measures never works

We jump back to class, which is once again about Germany, with Ryuko staring daggers at her “teacher” Mikisugi. After following instructions he left pinned to Mako, poor girl, they meet to discuss the whole Kamui situation and the information he promised her for serving that tennis pro some justice. After he makes himself a little to comfortable, Mikisugi explains the make-up of the Goku Uniforms. As it so happens there exists a material known as Life Fibres which can draw out the potential in humans. One Star Uniforms are 10% Life Fibre, Two Star are 20% and Three Star are 30%. However, the Kamui are revealed to be a startling 100% comprised of these wonderful fibres…hence the power.

Meanwhile at the Sewing Club Hideout…
An experiment is taking place. One to create a new weapon, a uniform with 50% Life Fibre purity. Deciding to sew the uniform onto a captive student, it is then decided that this was indeed a bad idea, as the student begins to hulk out and go on a rampage. The situation is contained by the mysterious Houka Inumuta, after which he ponders the ability of some to wear the 100% pure Kamui when their 50% test was such a failure. Makes ya think doesn’t it?


A new power is born

Bringing it back to the flashback, Kiryuin decides to visit her old home and change up her wardrobe a little. Declaring that she will embrace even shame to further her goals, she dons the second Kamui and reveals her true power…and much, much more.

Without going into too much detail, Kiryuin and Ryuko meet once more…and it’s a lot more violent this time. It’s Kamui vs Kamui and no one is holding anything back…intentionally. Senketsu reveals to Ryuko that she has not been using her true power in her previous fights. It appears that her embarrassment may be limiting her acceptance of her true Kamui form and all the awesome, sexy strength that comes with it. So after coming to terms with the visual nature of Senketsu, Ryuko unlocks some wicked power and continues her fight with the President. It’s pretty cool. After some epic blows are dealt by each contender, the fight is called of…for now. Kiryuin decides that if Ryuko longs for a rematch, she will first have to battle her entire entourage of faithful lackeys. Ryuko gladly accepts this challenge, exclaiming that Kiryuin must reveal the truth to her when she wins. With the terms set and desires burning strong, it’s looking to be an all out school rumble.


Mako takes the stage

All in all, Kill la Kill continues full speed on its path through crazy awesome town. This episode does however provide us with some more details regarding the power of clothing and the truth behind the mysterious Kamui. Still not sure why papa Matoi made it so revealing…I’m just chalking that up to an anime trope at this point. Swords clashed, fabric shredded and teachers stripped…pretty standard really.

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